DISTRICT #66             

Contact: hearthepeople@dylankerley.com

Michigan 2017= Leading Industry Again
My name is Dylan Kerley and I am running for State Representative of District #66. I want to be straight forward with you. I am running because I am tired of watching Michigan crumble and deteriate. I am tired of seeing our schools getting shut down, our jobs dissappearing, and seeing people go into poverty everyday.

I am running for our district to be a voice of the people. I know that each and every one of you feel the same as I do. We cannot continue to let our government fall into the hands of people who just want to boost their resume or advance their personal interests. We can win this election!
With your help we can push the government of michigan to help enhance our community. We need to be the example of the United States again! We were the leading state in industry, now we are the state that falls behind in industry! This is unacceptable! We need to step it up in Michigan. I am here to help make that happen with your support.
Convenional Politicts Are Failing
Are you tired of your representatives collecting their $72,000 paychecks and you still can't find a job in our dying economy? Are you upset that bussinesses are leaving everyday and schools are closing every year? This is the obvious progression of our conventional politics. We need to come together and change how we do business in Michigan. We need to put the people back in Michigan Politics and not the business owners/lawyers.  We need people who live the story, not people who tell it!

Let's push the issues together and make Michigan the leader in America once again!!