DISTRICT #66             

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Michigan 2017= Leading Industry Again
My name is Dylan Kerley and I am running for State Representative of District #66. I want to be straight forward with you. I am running because I am tired of watching Michigan crumble and deteriate. I am tired of seeing our schools getting shut down, our jobs dissappearing, and seeing people go into poverty everyday.

I am running for our district to be a voice of the people. I know that each and every one of you feel the same as I do. We cannot continue to let our government fall into the hands of people who just want to boost their resume or advance their personal interests. We can win this election!

Dylan Kerley

Together We Can Make A Difference.
Together We Can Make A Change.
    Dylan Kerley is a candidate for the 66th District of the Michigan House of Representatives. He is an active volunteer in charitablle organizations like Habitat For Humanity and his local School System. He is a proud supporter of Pathways for Homeless Youth. His goal is to make Michigan great again through innovation and government reform.