DISTRICT #66             

Contact: hearthepeople@dylankerley.com

Michigan 2017= Leading Industry Again
My name is Dylan Kerley and I am running for State Representative of District #66. I want to be straight forward with you. I am running because I am tired of watching Michigan crumble and deteriate. I am tired of seeing our schools getting shut down, our jobs dissappearing, and seeing people go into poverty everyday.

I am running for our district to be a voice of the people. I know that each and every one of you feel the same as I do. We cannot continue to let our government fall into the hands of people who just want to boost their resume or advance their personal interests. We can win this election!
Where I Stand:
  1. Education
    I believe funding our schools should be the first and foremost thing in our agenda. Schools raise children to be bright, but if they are using textbooks from the 1970's most of their information is irrelevant. We need to prepare children for what is going on NOW. So they can be innovative enough to solve today's problems. Not yesterday's problems.
  2. Government Reform
    I believe that our government is becoming unstable. We are forming too many committees and talking about too many issues. We need to stand up and get things done. While politicians argue, they could be spending money on schools and helping HANDS ON with many of our community's issues.
  3. Tuition
    I believe that people fought and died for our right to a free education. I also believe that public colleges should be free. I also believe that if a private college wants to compete with our "free" colleges and charge a tuition that they have a right under our constitution to do so. HOWEVER, we must have a free alternative provided by the state. Just like public and private high schools.
  4. Taxes
    First things first, taxes obviously have to be around in order for us to provide basic services to the people. HOWEVER, taxes shouldn't be so expensive that you can no longer pay to live. I believe everyone has to pay their fair share. Michigan taxes are too high in many areas! We need to make it cheaper or else businesses will continue to leave and soon after.. the people will leave as well.
  5. JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!!!
    We in Michigan need to do EVERYTHING that is in our power to create new jobs. Our unemployment rate is outrageous! I will be putting forth a great amount of my effort to fight for making Michigan a business and industry friendly place. We are no longer competing with the other states, unfortunately we are now competing with the world, and we need to offer better incentive to produce jobs here in Michigan.
  6. Unions
    I am 100% for union workers. You should have the right to negotiate with your employer on what YOU think your work is worth.